The price you pay for clothes

Welcome back guys, Sorry I have been away for a while, new job, new flat etc.

(£12 Levi’s Denim Jacket Hardly Worn)

My pick of the month above^^

Anyway my focus today is on ways to get buy living in London and keeping your Wardrobe up to date.

Two Words: Charity Shops!

They are a very cost effective way to buy new clothes. In London you find a lot of the wealthier people will give a lot of clothes. These clothes are sometimes brand new with tags or hardly worn. Stick them in the washing machine and they are ready to go!

Obviously not all charity shops will have what you are looking for but if you frequent them during your lunch break you can pick up an absolute steal.

They are good for work shirts as a lot of the top makes give there older stock to charity shops for free.

I usually use Charity shops for smart shirts, denim jackets and the occasional coat.

For the basics to save money i use Primark or something similar for a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. £12 quid for both. Same material and quality as most £40-£50 pairs just without the “Brand” name you pay for.

More to come shortly… Just another helping hand to combat the London Lifestyle!