Lunchtime special

Good afternoon…..

Today I will be giving exercise a miss as I am far from 100%. I am hoping to resume the runs, either tomorrow or Thursday evening.

For Lunch I had a chicken breast salad. I finished this with a smoothie. This was 1/2 a honeydew melon, 2x kiwis a stick of ginger, 1/2 an apple and a cup of raspberries.

I am definitely looking forward to starting running again and getting the exercise started.

Hope you are all having a lovely week!



Sorry guys I have not been feeling too well over the weekend and still feeling rough today so had to cancel my exercise which sucks. But I would rather rest for a few days and be able to run at near on 100% fitness.

I kept the healthy eating with lot’s of lean meat and vegetables. I also have a very interesting Sunday breakfast which I will share with you later. It is a fantastic idea.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend 🙂

Breakfast this morning and lunch for later on.

For breakfast I had oats and a raspberry – kiwi – pineapple smoothie. The texture was actually really eye catching with a thick pink colour to it. It was extremely tasty too! My lunch for today is in preparation for my after work run. My lunch consists of wholegrain pasta, homemade tomato sauce, turkey breast and broccoli. Followed by an apple and a kiwi. This will give me enough nutrients and carbohydrates to keep energised for a strong run.

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Breakfast –

Breakfast this morning was simple (as usual!).  I had 2x Weetabix, a kiwi and berry smoothie and a handful of cashews. It is a filling and refreshing breakfast that combines a lot of nutritious elements to start your day energised and in a positive manner. However I really do need to start mixing it up regarding breakfast as I need to challenge my body and make it think. As it will soon become a standard process digesting the food and processing without the full potential.

Any ideas on other simple nutritious breakfasts to make in the morning whilst at work?

I will follow this article up with my thoughts on exercise and eating healthy.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

One of my favourite Post Run healthy meals

One of my favourite meals to have after a run and to help me recover is grilled chicken, asparagus and long stem Broccoli. This is followed up with a handful of ground cashews, 1/2 an apple, 2x orange, 1/2 a mango and 1/2 a cup of raspberries in a smoothie.

I prepare the chicken by slicing the chicken breast through the middle , essentially “butterflying” it. I then season it with pepper or Chinese five spices to give it some flavour. I put it under the grill for 25 minutes at 180 degrees. Twenty minutes into the grilling I steam the asparagus and long stem broccoli.

Quite a quick  meal to prepare but is packed with nutrition.

I find having the smoothie afterwards satisfies me with the taste and the vitamins, it also means I am not tempted to eat half a tub of ice cream or something sweet that will essentially hinder my performance if I did it on a day to day basis.

I find at the moment I pack most of my carbohydrates within my lunch as it helps me feel energised for my runs straight after work and perform at a higher level without fatigue settling in too quickly.

At the moment I always have one day in seven when I am more relaxed on the meals and food intake as it keeps you happy and essentially stops you picking at bad foods as much as you know the relaxed day is coming up soon.

I know I have a lot of areas and meas to improve on to get to the highest level but that makes it a challenge and interesting as everyday passes.

Does anyone have any suggestions on improvements or any added ideas to this meal?

My Top 3 Smoothies

—- Number 1 is definitely my smoothie last night packed full of vitamins and flavour. The colour and texture was a thick pink one which made it very appetising. The ingredients are as follows:

2x Orange.

 1x Kiwi.

 1/2 a cup of Raspberries.

1/2 of a Mango.

 1/2 apple.

—- Number 2 is my favourite Antioxidant smoothie. This is great for people revitalising themselves or beginning a diet. It is a fantastic way to start the morning or accompany it with a bagel or other wholegrain breakfast. The recipe is as follows:

> ½ cup pomegranate juice  

½ cup blueberries 

½ cup blackberries 

> ½ cup strawberries

> 2 teaspoons flax seed

> 1 cup kale 

—- Number 3 is my post-workout smoothie. This is great for muscle recovery and a refreshing smoothie to have after one of my runs. This helps the muscle repair and recover overnight. The ingredients for this is:

> 11/4 cups unsweetened almond milk
> 2 cups baby spinach
> 1 cup frozen mango
> 1 frozen banana
> 1 teaspoon bee pollen

I hope you all enjoyed my smoothie recipe and let me know what you think! Also any feedback or improvements on these recipe’s are much appreciated! Have a great day!


Today I finished the second half of the smoothie I made last night. So refreshing, my favourite smoothie (taste wise) so far whilst using my nutribullet. If you missed the ingredients they were:

2x oranges, 1x kiwi, 1x banana, 1/2 of a mango and a handful of raspberries.

Followed by 2x Weetabix and a cup of Earl Grey.