Olympics 2016 Rio

After Months of waiting I can finally say I have got tickets for the Rio Olympics 2016. I am unbelievably excited, I cannot believe I got awarded some tickets. I did not hesitate to confirm the tickets.

I guess the real challenge now is to save up and cover all of the accommodation through the weeks of the Olympics.

I cannot wait to explore Rio and be part of this history. I do have spare days here and there and want to see as much of the country as possible. Anyone have any suggestions on places to visit and recommendations where to see and avoid.

I am also travelling to Thailand soon for 16 days and will keep a blog regarding my travels. I will post a small piece on this in the next week or so and what I am planning on doing and any feedback?!

Overall I am really looking forward to the next few months. I will also include more of my blogs on clothing, you actually find some decent stuff around these areas at reasonable prices.

Anyway, have a great day and will post more!