Buses in London

Buses in London are on another planet regarding the way you act on them. ONE of the biggest differentiation to a driver on a London bus and back in Oxford is that London drivers 1. Do not like to be spoken to. 2. Don’t like being thanked.

The best way to deal with it is tap your Oyster card head down, and just get on the bus. To be honest now they are “no cash” buses they can’t be approached to often so I suppose they are happy.

The other difference is they are always rammed! Especially night buses. These are a sight. A night bus in London would make for an interesting documentary for sure. People being sick, or singing out of tune. Even if you’re lucky like a friend of mine, being robbed on one!

But seriously the latter rarely happens.

But, yes remember 9 times out of 10 you shall have a quiet(ish) journey,


Train Etiquette – Part 2 – Manners

We all like to think being polite on the tube in London is the correct thing to do….. well obviously being “too” polite is frowned upon. When I say frowned upon I mean a stocky balding man with a bushy beard referring to you as a ” dithering F**king C**t”. I basically said to another person stood next to me you go first as he struggled to get through the crowd the man shouted it directly into my face. I laughed it off. He however clearly had a bad day in the office.

So the lesson I learnt is Head down and just barge your way off the train. No manners needed this is an efficient procedure, not a friendly get together.


London – It is far from glossy

Thought I would start sharing all of my experiences more often no as I do feel glossy reality shows really do give off the wrong impression. My friends assume I live in a luxury 8 bed house with a pool, chilling out at cocktails all day. Far from the truth!

So I thought I would share reality and little analogies along the way. The way people behave and the way we are expected to behave. Public transport is one of the main talking points!

I hope you guys enjoy my stories and have a great day!