Why Exercise? Everyone has a different motive

I find with exercising and eating healthy there are hundreds of different reasons, ranging from nutritional interest, weight loss to the way you look or the aesthetics of fitness/exercise. There is so much to talk about regarding reasons to exercise. I really enjoy listening to peoples reasoning and what they enjoy about it. You have to be open minded as there is no right or wrong answer.

My reasoning and why I enjoy exercise is simple, I find it keeps my mind fresh and my happiness levels even higher. There is some thing really uplifting after a run, no matter far you have run it feels as if it is an accomplishment in my eyes and keeps me in an uplifting mood. This then reflects positively on my home life and myself in general. Also it benefits others around you as everyone prefers to be in the company of someone happy rather than some quite negative.

Another reason is that by running when asked to play other sports for a one off I a able to keep up and not be too fatigued and play at a higher level. This is mainly after injuring myself badly at football and getting back to fitness after 3 years out was tough but I am there, however the injury prevents me from playing regularly, so by running keeps me fit and replaces the time I would have been playing football.

I really enjoy challenges and once every while I will enter a race to see how well I can do in the distance. I am far from at the highest level but I enjoy the fact that there is room for improvement and developing further. I also have a lot of room for improvement regarding my diet as I do slip up quite often regarding bad food etc which do hinder my energy levels and performance whilst running.

The other improvement would be to vary my exercise a bit.I do not go to the gym as due tot he commute and location of the gym I find I prefer to run from A to B instead. But to keep my upper body in some form of shape I do a “press up”  and “sit up” combination 3 times a week at home. I need to shake this up and find more body weight exercises and add some sprints into the routine.

I am open to suggestion and discussions on this topic and would love to hear any improvements or ideas to try out!

In the near future I will publish more of my exercise routines.


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