My Top 3 Smoothies

—- Number 1 is definitely my smoothie last night packed full of vitamins and flavour. The colour and texture was a thick pink one which made it very appetising. The ingredients are as follows:

2x Orange.

 1x Kiwi.

 1/2 a cup of Raspberries.

1/2 of a Mango.

 1/2 apple.

—- Number 2 is my favourite Antioxidant smoothie. This is great for people revitalising themselves or beginning a diet. It is a fantastic way to start the morning or accompany it with a bagel or other wholegrain breakfast. The recipe is as follows:

> ½ cup pomegranate juice  

½ cup blueberries 

½ cup blackberries 

> ½ cup strawberries

> 2 teaspoons flax seed

> 1 cup kale 

—- Number 3 is my post-workout smoothie. This is great for muscle recovery and a refreshing smoothie to have after one of my runs. This helps the muscle repair and recover overnight. The ingredients for this is:

> 11/4 cups unsweetened almond milk
> 2 cups baby spinach
> 1 cup frozen mango
> 1 frozen banana
> 1 teaspoon bee pollen

I hope you all enjoyed my smoothie recipe and let me know what you think! Also any feedback or improvements on these recipe’s are much appreciated! Have a great day!


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