Today’s Meal Plan

Breakfast was a forest fruits smoothie mixed with spinach, apple and kiwi.

2x Weetabix.

My lunch is spinach, kale, brown rice, chicken and Tuna. This is seasoned with garlic and Chinese five spices to give it a bit of a kick.

I am having a rest from exercise this evening as I have played sport and three runs the last 4 days including a small press up routine. So a rest is a must. Then back to running tomorrow. How is everyone else’s fitness and eating plans going?


2 thoughts on “Today’s Meal Plan

  1. Howdy just a boy!

    A super healthy day for you it seems 😃

    My day kicked of with a 6am run and a banana. Im going out for lunch today but will attempt to select a healthy dish….always find tat hard though 😤

  2. Hello! Sound like a great start to the morning! Yes going out for a meal is difficult sometimes as you just want to eat loads and mostly the unhealthy meals!

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