A Small Adventure

After a week of intense research and interview practice I headed off to London on the day before my first interview. Thankfully I had a friend living in central London where I was able to stay for a few days. Jumped on the train with some casual clothes and a suit readily shaved too impress so my skin was in the best possible condition. After a couple of hours of navigating around the trains and underground I was finally here. It was a lot different to the classic “London trip”.

It was not theatres all over the place and a zoo. Or just the London eye, there was opportunity and a lot of it.

Such a busy and fast paced atmosphere something I was very keen on. I got to my friends flat who his current employers were paying for. It was amazing absolutely immaculate. I knew this was the place for me.

Anyway I then settled for dinner and had a sleep before going to my interview the next day.

The next morning I got up early had some tuna and oats to get my brain working well. Then had a nice warm shower and got in to my suit ready for the interview. I was looking good and feeling positive and very calm as I had more than enough to get to the destination with room for error as well.

After an hour of travelling I arrived to the companies HQ. It was an amazing place, albeit man made, the surroundings were beautiful. Still feeling good plenty of time and my a4 leather wallet to complete the look(it only had my passport in) I was ready to make this happen.

I took a couple of deep breaths and then I entered…



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