Dragging Days

Some days really do drag! For instance one of them is today! Instead of looking at the bad things though, I turn my attention to the positives to look forward to. 

For instance playing Fifa with friends, exploring and hanging out with Katie. Plenty of this will occur this weekend. This is how I motivate myself through the boring and slow days. I am so excited about my course in October starting but I do not want to wish away the summer, just so much to see and do. 

On another note I went for a 7.5k run last night. Very slow time of 35mins 7mins off of my 28.11mins last week. But it still counts as I covered the distance and it was some exercise as well. 

Anyway off to read some news and have a look at places to visit in the near future.


Have a good day! 



Easter Weekend



Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! 

Well I enjoyed this weekend by walking nearly 30 miles with Katie overall. So much chocolate and walking. Shame about the weather nearing the end of the holiday. Had a good long think and found the course I shall be taking in October. Very excited to begin this new adventure.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their easter,


Last Night

I had a great catch up with an old uni friend. Really enjoyable evening. We went for steak and beers at a bar just off of the Clapham Common. These reunions are always an enjoyable time! 

Its always good to catch up will old friends, really enjoyable. I also have Prague to look forward to soon, will keep you all updated,



Fitness Update

Thought I would update you today from what went on yesterday. 


Exercise was 9miles walk. 

Food eaten: 

Whole wheat cereal 

3x Coffee 



Goats cheese pasta. 

Chicken and pasta 

Chicken Broccoli and pasta; 


Not sure if I am doing the right things but slowly will work on it. Will need to up the ante regarding the running and stay strong with the meal plans.


Any ideas or exercises to improve strength and fitness? 




Weekend Fun

This weekend was very eventful and exciting! 

First of all we went to The London Zoo for Katie’s birthday. Really enjoyable so much to see and a lot of exotic animals. My favourite point of the trip was when I decided to feed the monkeys hula hoops on the sly. They were more than grateful for this and it was thoroughly amusing for all to watch.

I had no idea how close it was to Camden high street. Such lovely weather and the atmosphere was ideal. The monkey’s for me were the highlight, but I do have a soft spot for the tigers. I do feel a little sorry for the animals kept in captivity, not in natural surroundings. However they are kept well and also who knows in the wild they may have been shot and killed by a troop of hunters…

Definitely worth the visit.

After this we headed back to Katie’s mothers house in Surrey just in time to watch Arsenal just get by against a mediocre Championship side. It is agonising to watch your team from title contenders to possibly missing a champions league spot within three weeks. What went wrong?….


Yesterday we decided to play top golf in the sweltering heat, it was ideal. So much fun and enjoyed a couple of cocktails too. I will get the pictures up on Instagram shortly for you all to see. Such a fun weekend!




Camden… Well what can I say, it is an amazing place to visit. 

So much to do and see. The food and craft markets are impressive.. mainly as I love food! So many different and unique characters. One of the best experiences was entering into the Cyberdog shop. It’s mental in there, ear drum bursting techno music and strobe lighting. Selling the most unique outfits and neon coloured accessories. Definitely worth going in for a quick visit! 

There is so much street food about, whether you like Asian cuisine or good old English burgers you will find it here. One of my favourite places is the doughnut stall, these are beats. One doughnut will definitely sort you out. My favourite is the chocolate covered caramel doughnut. Extremely satisfying.. even if I did force it down my throat as I ate too much chicken before hand. You can check the pictures out on instagram: jabilondon. 

If you fancy fancy being spontaneous and decide to go  clubbing at 1pm; there are places to cater for it! 


Overall it is a unique experience but well worth the visit! 



Evening Walk

Went for a long evening walk last night, which ended in eating Indonesian food. Really enjoyable actually, a great unplanned evening. I decided to sack off the running as left my kit at home. So tonight what would have been rest day is now running day! 

The Indonesian was a very unique place, really enjoyed it. The food was fantastic the setting a little unusual but it had character. We sat on comfortable Mahogany benches that were a couple of meter’s wide so it could fit 6-8 people on. It had a lot of originality to the vicinity and the staff were warm, welcoming and gracious. 

After this I headed back to Katie’s and cheered on Chelsea to another miraculous comeback…. Sadly I support Arsenal but want an English team to win the champions league. 

Nostalgia set in to all footballing fans when the “famous” Mourinho touchline sprint occurred after Ba’s fortunate goal. Brilliant to watch. I am hoping Wenger’s taking a few notes!